Sealed Units

Sealed Double Glazing Unit

We manufacture and supply all types of sealed units, including: annealed, toughened, laminate, thermal, self-cleaning, acoustic, solar and fire rated sealed units. Whatever the purpose, our experienced advisors can help you chose the right glazing for the job.

A sealed unit, also known as ‘double glazed unit’ or ‘insulated glass unit’, is made up of two panes of glass separated by a spacer cavity. There are many different variations of this method, but one thing that they all have in common is that they are perfect for thermal insulation – retaining heat in winter and keeping cool in summer, saving energy all year round.

Sealed units are typically produced with a with silver aluminium spacer, but black and white are also available. We provide a range of thicknesses, tailored to suit every frame. Below are some of our favourite sealed units produced here at Sirius Glass.

Slimline Units

Slimline units are normally used in cases where the window frame is too thin for a standard sealed unit. We use Edgetech’s 3mm ‘Super Spacer’ which allows us to produce an ultra slim 12mm unit.

We also provide a slimline heritage glazing. Using specialist glass, we can mimic the effect of old crown glass with great accuracy. This modern glass offers an impressively similar aesthetic to an authentic traditional window within a thin frame.

Stained Glass

We are a stained glass specialist. Also known as ‘future units’, this is truly a modern window with a traditional twist. These beautiful windows are made with traditional craftsmanship combined cotemporary double glazing.

Future units allow the thermal efficiency and security of present-day windows coupled with the visual impact of a traditional stained glass.


Georgian windows are characterised by bars that divide the window giving character and style.

This classic style is timeless and works very well in a traditional setting. We offer a variety of colours and thicknesses to suit your individual needs. Our experts can help you determine what would work best in your case from sizing to style.

Lead Windows

Lead windows are one of the all-time classic English styles, providing antiquarian and vintage character. Identifiable by the cross-hatched lattice bars in the window, this style is synonymous with countryside manor houses and seventeenth century architecture.

As one of the only region’s lead window specialists, we use only the highest quality materials, producing bespoke long-lasting leaded windows

Warm Edge

Known in the industry as the most thermally efficient double glazing, warm edge technology uses a low heat-conductive material around the perimeter of the window to stop heat-loss.

Providing nearly 1,000 times more thermal insulation than aluminium spacer bars, this material can improve the energy efficiency of windows by up to 50%. Warm edge technology also conducts less heat in summer, and reduces the risk of condensation.

Sealed Units

We manufacture and supply all types of sealed units, including: annealed, toughened, laminate, thermal, self-cleaning, acoustic, solar and fire rated sealed units.

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